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From the established celebrity honing their talent to the casual vocalist who enjoys the therapeutic and confidence-building benefits of singing, clients of all ages, abilities and styles seek Geeta for her passionate style of teaching. Below is what some of Geeta’s clients have to say about their experiences with her.


“It’s so helpful to have Geeta there to see blocks, then teach and guide me — like a coach when you’re training for a sport. Even times when I had a three hour gig the next day Geeta helped give me the mental strength to get through it. She taught me that singing is more mental than anything else. Getting the confidence was worth a trillion dollars!”


-Alisha Z.

Geeta Novotny
Alisah Zalkin Geeta Novotny

Alisha Zalkin is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter and is the lead singer of the popular rock band Sleep Machine. named her one of eight breakout Los Angeles artists in 2014. In addition, awarded Alisha "Best CD" for her sophomore EP On This Road and "Best Music Video" for the album's single, 'Fearless,' in their 2014 LA Music Critic Awards. Since then, her band Sleep Machine has had several placements on national TV, including Younger (TV Land), The Fosters (ABC Family), and a commercial for the upcoming drama series Quantico (ABC). Entertainment Weekly highlighted their single 'Wild For You' in their TV Jukebox feature. Sleep Machine is currently working on their second EP and playing shows around Southern California.


Listen to her on Soundcloud HERE.


Geeta can teach all vocal genres beautifully. I love that my daughter is exposed to different styles of singing - although Geeta is a trained opera singer she can also develop other styles with her clients.

Matt Chait

I am not a singer.  I had never had singing classes in my life.  I started studying with Geeta two months before I had to appear in the central role in a play in which I had at least half the dialogue in a two and a half hour drama.  I had had a persistent lung infection for two years and had been taking steroid inhalants for most of that time to get rid of the infection.  This left me with a squeaky, cracked, hoarse little voice which, I knew, would never get me through the three performances a week that the play required.  Within two weeks of lessons I was convinced , to my great relief, that with Geeta's help I would be able to restore enough of my voice to do the play.  By the time the play opened and I had had about eight lessons, my voice was not only restored to what it was before I ever started the medication, but it was more resonant, had more range, and I had more control of it than ever before.  Geeta is nothing short of a miracle worker and I will be eternally grateful for her and her amazing work.

Meghan H.

Principal Performer for the National Tour of The Sound of Music

I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with Geeta while in L.A.! Her generosity in the time and care she takes is unparalleled. I was completely out of balance when I walked in and she got my mechanism aligned, working on support and finding my deepest, most expansive breath. I was holding back sound and Geeta helped me find my true volume and get that energy flow working through rooting myself. She exposed awesome, untapped sounds! Aromatherapy aided in allowing me to get back in touch with my soft palette to open up/lift that space! Most importantly, her kindness and warmth of spirit gave me my confidence back! A brilliant teacher and beautiful person - HIGHLY recommended!

Natalie Camunas

Actor, Writer, Singer

First and foremost, I am an actor. But ever since I was a child, my dream was to be a singer. However, that dream of being a singer dwindled after dabbling in voice lessons all of my life and never truly finding my “voice.” That is until now. I began training with Geeta in 2009 as a part of my conservatory acting training. Since that time, Geeta has been my one and only go to whenever I have an audition or callback. She is more than incredibly accommodating to the limited time frames, especially for those last minute auditions! The reason I keep going back to Geeta is because with her, I can allow myself to be completely vulnerable as an artist. She is sensitive and always handles the emotionality of singing with the utmost care and respect. Geeta creates a safe space for me to explore finding my authentic voice. I’m well on my way! With her guidance, she’s given me all the tools I need to feel and sound my best when I’m performing!  

Alyssa. A

Before I started singing with Geeta I had a knee injury that took forever to heal and I was pretty depressed. Geeta’s singing lessons lifted my spirits during a time when things weren’t looking so great.


Singing has become a tool as a means of relief. I worked in a high stress and high anxiety office, and would practice singing the most during that time. Breathing and going through the practice and lessons was the only way to help me sleep at night. Knowing I have that, and will have this in the future gives me strength.


The challenges that come up in the lesson carry through to life. They come up as they could during a therapy session -- intense fear of being wrong or doing something wrong causes me to face it directly in the lesson [like singing an incorrect note, learning a new song, etc.] Certain fears surrounding failure that I’ve not been able to release can be addressed in a more tangible and specific way during lessons.


Geeta is always able to keep me where I need to be while still challenging me to go further.

Elizabeth L.

I’ve always been self-conscious about my singing voice, so just booking with Geeta was a big step. This was an insecurity I wanted to face, so why not throw myself to the lions with an opera singer. She immediately made me feel at ease, and I knew there was no other expectation than to try. The exercises were very opening on many levels — obviously for my voice and range, but also energetically and mentally. Her guidance and encouragement helped me hit notes I didn’t think were in me during the first session. Afterwards, I felt open and certainly more confident. Her technical knowledge and talent is equalled by her inherent ability to help people face and navigate their blocks.

Suzanne D.

Although Geeta is a trained opera singer, she embraces all different styles of learning and singing. Geeta teaches to the whole person. She doesn’t have an agenda – she teaches to the individual and spiritually tailors her lessons to each student.


As she worked with my daughter I realized she’s a healer, not just a teacher. The emotional and wellness benefits of working with Geeta are the most important. My daughter's sense of self, and experience of self through the joy of singing offered her the ability to grow completely. It is a safe place to be - to succeed and fail.

Alisha Z.

My goal was to be able to belt a high F and working with Geeta the achievement of that goal far exceeded my expectations...

Diane T.

Geeta is not only a brilliant teacher she is also one of the most brilliant individuals I have ever met. Her intelligence and professionalism shine through in all that she does. I quickly formed a lasting friendship with Geeta while maintaining the business relationship of a student and her teacher. She welcomes you into a positive and professional environment ideal for learning. She begins by assessing the student to better understand their reason for taking lessons, their personal style, way of thinking and learning, and then she creates a relationship built on mutual respect and trust...

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Mo A.

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Lenise D. Bent

Soundflo Productions: Platinum Recording Engineer/Producer, Sound Editor, Audio Instructor, Archivist and Consultant

I honestly did not know what to expect from a sound bath but being an audio professional I knew I'd love it. Experiencing the stimulating vibrations of tones generated by Geeta's playing of these carefully tuned glass bowls along with her beautiful operatic voice was so comforting, cleansing and healing. I had been really suffering from a lower back spasm for 3 weeks. As Geeta was playing and singing, I felt my whole body be massaged with sound waves and BOOM! my lower back popped an enormous pop that reverberated throughout my entire skeleton and organs and I felt immediate relief and alignment. I also was amazed by the pure, balanced energy I had when I got home, I accomplished so much! It truly was being bathed in beautiful, stimulating sound waves and my whole being loved it! 

Sofia, 7

During the sound bath I felt like I was laying down in the center of a thousand furry puppies surrounding me and wiggling all around me! The feeling was warm and fuzzy!

Alice C.

Thank you so much, Geeta. Although experiences were different, I actually didn’t want it to end. Absolutely 'bathed', as you said, which for me felt like a quenching of my soul. I am certain these healing vibrations will continue beyond the week to come.

Saverio P.

The sound goes deep very fast. It feels like the same affect after the sound bath as a full yoga class. That night I had the deepest, most restful sleep I've experienced in some time.

Nicole N

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Shanee P.

It felt like a brain massage.

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