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Discover Your Voice: Revolutionize Your Life!

Our daily interactions with each other are essential to what makes us human. But as we attempt to thrive in this age of technology, these daily interactions can be stressful as we are bombarded by digital sound sensory (mobile phones, digital music) and an endless stream of information; where the requirement of communication through social media, email, and texting is the norm: Do you feel exhausted by these demands on a daily basis? Communicating and receiving in this age takes immense vital energy and when we feel depleted, communication becomes difficult and we run the risk of misrepresenting ourselves to others.

How do we keep our living voices pure, revitalized, and directly connected to our emotional and authentic selves? What if I told you that your singing voice can be an amazing tool for empowering your overall voice? The confidence and energy that can come from discovering your voice can be exhilarating and transformational! This workshop will immerse you in a variety of experiential, technical, intuitive, holistic and multi-therapeutic exercises and activities based on the art and science of singing, that will help you to find and keep that authentic voice revitalized; making it more than just a tool you use to communicate, but also an instrument for healing, inspiration and creativity. Your voice is a gift to give and thus we can learn to better integrate our empowered voices into our technological lives.

No singing experience is necessary. Anyone who has a voice in this world is a prime participant for this workshop.



This workshop imparts a combination of both technical and intuitive singing methods. Activities include exploring musical and emotional expression through various breathing exercises and singing exercises to increase vocal range, to gain pitch control, beautify tone, and to enhance voice projection. We partake in group and solo singing along with song study.  We also learn performance techniques to build self-confidence and healing self- expression from the inside out where healthy singing is at the forefront. In addition, we open up and balance the mind, body, and spirit through learning to breathe passionately to sing with the unbridled potential of the whole body.


There will be an education on the anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism all of which provides a comprehensive understanding on using the voice to promote health and wellness for the mind, body, and soul. There will also be an education for the understanding of the digital sound spectrum and digital sensory and it’s effects on our brain and body with sound bath therapy integrated to cleanse the auditory system and energy centers. The voice is the communication conduit between the brain and the heart and when you learn how to express yourself fully through your voice, you discover things about yourself hitherto unknown. Singing is such a sublimely emotional experience.

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