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Geeta is a published writer and has been a featured columnist for the magazine The Indian American. Download and read some of her editorial work here.

November/December 2008 Edition//

Musical Genes

January/February 2009 Edition //

Discovering Your Voice

"Music is unpretentiously rhythm, melody and harmony. It has been called 'rhythmization of sound.' Music is an art form consisting of sound and silence expressed through time ."
-Geeta Novotny
'Rhythmic Routines' The Indian American, March/April 2008 Edition

May/June 2008 Edition //

A Star is Born: Manu Narayan's Big Break

March/April 2008 Edition //

Rhythmic Routines

January/February 2008 Edition //

The Piano Prodigies

November/December 2007 Edition //

Listen to the Holidays

September/October 2007 Edition //

Breaking With Tradition

September/October 2007 Edition //

Breaking with Tradition

(Print Correction) 

March/April 2007 Edition //

A Conductor's Charm and Chore

January/February 2007 Edition //

Dispelling the Phantom of the Opera

January/February 2007 Edition //

Monica Yunus: Daughter of the East

November/December 2006 Edition //

Zubin Mehta: Ode to Joy

November/December 2006 Edition //

Mostly Mozart for Mohini

September/October 2006 Edition //

Guitar and Sitar: Melodious Cousins

July/August 2006 Edition //

The Piano: King of the Musical World

May/June 2006 Edition //

Is There a Beethoven in Your Home?

"It has also been proven that having children listen to classical music can boost much of their cognitive development. Equally important is having a child play a musical instrument because not only does that help maturity, but it also builds priceless confidence."
 -Geeta Novotny
'Is There a Beethoven in Your Home?'
The American Indian
May/June 2006

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