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“There is an intense flux that occurs when creativity is expressed through the arts. What happens is that an inspiring and empowering energy exchange is created between the audience and the artist that can be both euphoric and utterly indescribable. I deeply believe this flux is the healing power of the arts. Thus, art creates transformation and transcendence. I believe it is my responsibility as an artist to spark that revolution in others by telling the story of our humanity through teaching, healing, and performance art.”


Geeta Novotny is an international award-winning artist who has established herself as an innovative opera singerleading sound healing artist and practitioner, and teacherAs a profound believer in the power of holistic mind / body health and wellness, Geeta is the creator of Revolution Voice® which is a method and practice that uses the voice and sound as a bridge between music and wellness, while delving extensively into the art, science, and metaphysics behind these modalities. Her method creates a distillation into the healing modality of sonic medicine. Built on her philosophy that the voice and sound are our greatest sources of therapeutic healing; Geeta has taken her 25+ years as a classical singer, her extensive teaching experience, and her knowl-edge and practice of the healing arts thus healing her own life-long chronic illness; to provide a transformative and highly-effective, multi-dimensional approach to vocal training, vocal coaching, singing workshops, sound bath healing, and voice therapy which affords deep healing, self-discovery and empowerment from the inside out. 

As a classical singer, Geeta has performed in a wide range of principal roles from the hallowed stages of New York City’s Carnegie Hall and The Metropolitan Opera House with the American Ballet Theater to the stages of the Los Angeles Opera and the Aspen Music Festival and many more. Recently, Geeta was a featured vocalist on Steward Copeland (The Police) and Ricky Kej’s recent 2021 and 2022 Grammy® Award winning album, Divine Tides. She was also honored to compose and perform the vocals on the opening and title song- “Home” for Deepak Chopra's re-cent book and album, Home, Where Everyone is Welcome: Poems and Songs inspired by Ameri-can Immigrants. In addition to composing, Geeta has also sung and composed for film soundtracks, TV, and music albums as well as her own albums Rebelle and Unité. 

A fun fact is that Geeta lent her voice to actor Channing Tatum in the TV show Lip Sync Battle. She has also enjoyed a career as a principal stage and film actor. 

From her Grammy and Academy Award-winning clients aiming to refine their talents, to her non-musicians seeking to build confidence and develop their singing voices; Geeta and Revolution Voice® works with clients of all ages and circumstances to provide remedy and healing of their emotional and physical states, as well as clients in pursuit of spiritual awakening and metaphysical release all to help her clients find their voice and purpose in this world. Geeta has performed her Vocal Immersion Sound Bath, her voice and sound healing workshops, and led wellness retreats in collaboration with other healing arts practitioners and wellness companies at venues such as The Integratron in Joshua Tree, the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, and for three conferences at UCLA (Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference, The Healing Power of Sound Conference, and the Psychedelic Science Symposium); along with performing her Vocal Immersion Sound Bath and her singing workshop at Camp Mars (Malibu) and Mars Island (Croatia) for music festivals with the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. She was also featured on Awestruck TV’s show GloListic giving comedienne and international television and internet personality Glozell her very first sound bath.

Geeta’s work has been featured in several podcasts, most recently she was a guest on actress Beth Behr’s (Two Broke Girls, The Neighborhood) Harmonics Podcast. She has also been featured in press in the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, ABC News, The Hollywood Reporter and others. 

Geeta is a published writer who has contributed to the New York City-based magazine The Indian American as a music columnist. Geeta has taught at numerous performing arts schools around the country, from preschool through high school level to university and professional level. In 2020/2021 she was a guest faculty member at the Circle in the Square Theatre School in New York City teaching classes in meditation and mindfulness. 


Geeta holds a B.F.A. from Carnegie Mellon University where she was a two-time recipient of the Harry G. Archer Award Scholarship and the Charlotte Black Memorial Scholarship. She pursued her Masters of Music at the University of North Texas where she was awarded a full-time teaching fellowship. 


Geeta is honored to sit on the board for The Bella Arts Foundation and she also contributes to philanthropic and humanitarian organizations such as partnering with Sing For Hope and The Harmony Project through educational outreach to promote the power of the expressive, creative and healing arts. Geeta has performed extensively through educational outreach with Fort Worth Opera, Amarillo Opera, Utah Opera, 92nd Street Y in New York City, and Los Angeles Opera bringing opera into schools around the country. 


Geeta stays true to her namesake, as “Geeta” means “Song” in Hindi. She is a progeny of an industrious South Asian Indian father and an exuberant Irish mother and was raised in rural Pennsylvania. Her eclectic cultural background has given her an understanding of many worlds that has sustained her in her variety of creative endeavors!

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