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Vocal Training/Coaching

Geeta Novotny Voice Lessons

Health Benefits of Singing:


The aerobic qualities of singing and deep breathing strengthen and exercise the adominal core, heart, and lungs which oxgenates the blood, increasing circulation in the muscles and organs.


This also...

  • Reduces pain

  • Boosts immune system

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Burns calories

  • Clears sinuses


The concentrative aspects of singing heighten physical and mental awareness which places you in the moment where anxieties are allayed.


This also...

  • Creates mindfulness to alleviate our fight or flight responses

  • Releases dopamine and endorphins, the "feel good" hormones

  • Releases oxytocin, which alleviates anxiety and stress and promotes trust and bonding

  • Improves speech by building and strengthening the muscles we use to speak


The musical elements of singing (rhythm, melody and harmony) can align the energy centers (the chakras) of the body.


This also...

  • Sparks the intelligence and creative centers            of the brain

  • Alleviates feelings of depression and loneliness

  • Sends vibrational energy through the body, which has healing properties

Geeta uses a multi-layered and multi-perspective approach to help her clients fully capture the art and nuance of singing. Her methodology encompasses both her extensive training and experience in the performing arts world coupled with her knowledge and practice of health and wellness. Through a combination of both technical and intuitive methods, Geeta helps her clients develop a deep connection to their breath, undeniably the most important aspect of singing. Geeta also helps her clients become emotionally and instinctually connected to their voice. Each session is tailored to the client and guided by the moment. The ultimate focus is on growth, not perfection.

“Personalities run the gamut, so understanding each of my clients on a deep psychological level helps me learn how to design each session for them; the more we can grow and develop their inner voice, the better their singing voice becomes.”


-Geeta Novotny

From the established celebrity honing their talent to the casual vocalist who enjoys the therapeutic and confidence-building benefits of singing- clients of all ages, abilities and styles seek Geeta for her passionate style of teaching. Geeta offers both vocal training and coaching for a multitude of genres.

“This mutually inspiring Client / Teacher Exchange happens in a safe space. Together, we work to achieve your goals in a nurturing, synergetic environment.” 


-Geeta Novotny

During sessions with Geeta, clients can expect to:


  • Develop a deep rooted technique using both a classical and intuitive approach to cultivate musicianship

  • Learn to integrate the core breath support necessary to sing to your full potential

  • Harness both the head and chest voices through a variety of vocal training exercises, song studies, ear training, pitch control, and music theory

  • Explore different avenues of musical and emotional expression

  • Improve performance techniques and build self-confidence

  • Discover how singing can promote your health and wellness

  • Learn strategies on how to preserve and protect the voice

  • Partake in integrative sound therapy, such as the Vocal Immersion Sound Bath

  • Restore confidence, rebuild the voice, and create healthy technique for singers and non-singers who suffer from sustained vocal chord injuries, fatigue, illness, overuse, atrophy, or performance anxiety

  • Build the holistic body and strong core for singing by combining intensive singing exercises and deep breathing

Geeta Novotny Vocal Lessons

Geeta Provides:

Private and Group Sessions
Skype and FaceTime Sessions
In-Home Sessions

For more information on Geeta’s sessions, including a rate quote and availability, please visit the Contact Page. Student rates available.

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