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Geeta Novotny Wikipedia

Geeta Novotny's Revolution Voice

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Geeta Novotny's

Revolution Voice

Creating Authentic Voice for Authentic Life





Geeta Novotny’s Revolution Voice is a revolutionary method and practice that uses the voice and sound as a bridge between music and wellness, while delving extensively into the art and science behind these modalities. Built on her philosophy that voice and sound are our greatest sources of therapeutic healing; Geeta has taken her 20+ years as an internationally acclaimed award-winning vocalist, her extensive teaching experience, and her knowledge and practice of the healing arts to provide a transformative and highly-effective, multi-dimensional approach to vocal training, vocal coaching, singing workshops, sound therapy and performances which affords deep healing, self-discovery and empowerment from the inside out.


From her Grammy Award-winning and Academy Award-winning clients refining their talents to her non-professional vocalists and clients who deeply benefit from the therapeutic and confidence-building benefits of singing and sound: clients of all ages and walks of life, skill levels and singing styles seek Geeta for her passionate and all-encompassing style of teaching and for her transformative voice and sound therapy.

“Our voice is the most powerful expression of ourselves and our paramount tool of communication. There is not a human culture that does not sing.”

 -Geeta Novotny


Geeta to Give Sound Bath Therapy at Ahimsa Retreat

Geeta is honored to be giving her Sound Bath Therapy at Grace Huang’s Ahimsa Yoga Retreat in Ojai March 13-15.


“When Grace asked me to join her, I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing individual! Grace has deeply transformed my yoga practice. I have been a devoted yogi for about 6 years. Yoga is my elixir in life. It has been one of my greatest sources of healing. I am very grateful to have extraordinary teachers.


"At the beginning of last year, I had reached a plateau in my practice and started to attend Grace’s classes regularly. Her way of teaching with precision, her nurturing energy, her generous spirit, and her sense of humor around it all enlightened my practice completely. I’m so grateful to Grace! 🙏🏼❤️🧘‍♀️”


There are just a few spots left for the Ahimsa Retreat. If interested, please contact Alexa at alexa@getgurud.com for details!

Noted publication San Francisco Classical Voice wrote, "As conducted by the composer and sung and spoken, with occasional vehemence, by Novotny, Rucksack resonated in several ways."


Click Here to Read the Full Review!

Geeta's Rucksack Performance Receives Rave Reviews

On June 25th, 2019, Geeta participated in a performance of the musical monodrama "Rucksack" conducted by composer and Geeta's dear friend Russell Steinberg along with the Brightwork Newmusic Chamber Sextet as part of their launch concert as a nonprofit at Monk Space.


Russell Steinberg's stunning contemporary composition draws on Julie Heyman's autobiography "From Rucksack to Backpack", detailing her harrowing escape from the Nazis, her subsequent joy beholding the Statue of Liberty when she and her family immigrated to the USA, and then her somewhat comical run-in just a year later with American police when she was arrested while hiking in the Pocono mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Geeta Featured in Sherman Oaks South Magazine

Geeta is honored to once again have her story featured, this time  on the April cover of Sherman Oaks Magazine. The article also features her daughter, Sofia and puppy, Pauley!


See the Full Story Here.

Geeta Featured in Studio City South Magazine

Geeta is absolutely thrilled to be featured on the March cover of South Magazine, and even more thrilled to be featured with her wonderful daughter, Sofia, and her puppy, Pauley.


Special thanks to writer Elyse Glickman, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Lewin, and  photographer Hylah Hedgepeth, for creating such a wonderful piece!


See the Full Story Here.

Geeta and Revolution Voice Featured in Voyage LA Interview

Geeta is honored to have been featured in the "LA's Most Inspiring Stories" section of VoyageLA! Learn more details about her story and journey from growing up in small town America to singing on the stage of Carnegie Hall and beyond, as well as her deep dive into the healing arts as she built her Revolution Voice business! You'll also find fascinating information about the health and wellness benefits of voice work and sound therapy.


Read the full interview HERE at VoyageLa.com.

Ladies Road Map Podcast

On a Friday a few weeks ago at her Revolution Voice Studio in Los Angeles, Geeta found herself not the teacher, guide, or wellness practitioner that day, but the subject of the newest episode of LADIES ROAD MAP, a podcast born out of the beautiful alignment, open minded curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit, and desire of two amazing women: Jojami Tyler and Lana Helda. The podcast has featured some truly inspirational guests, and was also recently featured in Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper! Geeta was thrilled to be invited onto this episode!


On the podcast, Geeta, Jojami and Lana discussed everything from the science and art behind the deep healing effects of sound and the modalities of Eastern and Western medicine, to the spirituality of life and death, and how Geeta pivoted from a passion-driven career as an award-winning international opera singer to a purpose-driven career in discovering the extraordinary healing powers of the voice and sound. The Episode also features a taste of Geeta's Vocal Immersion Sound Bath live!


The episode is currently live and will continue to be available for free download on both iTunes, and Apple and Android podcast apps. You can also listen right here!

Geeta Gives Glozell a Sound Bath

Geeta had an incredible time giving comedienne and international television and internet personality Glozell her very first Sound Bath during this episode of GloListic on Awestruck TV! See the Video Here!

Glozell with Geeta.png

Geeta is honored to have contributed to Deepak Chopra's latest project, "Home, Where Everyone is Welcome: Poems and Songs Inspired by American Immigrants."


This incredible book and album, created by Deepak Chopra, Kabir Sehgal, and Paul Avgerinos, brings together a collection of poems and songs based on the lives of notable American immigrants. Additionally, all of the songs on the album are performed by American immigrants and first generation children of  American immigrants.


Geeta composed and performed the vocals on the opening and title song of the album, 'Home.'  Listen to the track below!

For more information about this inspirational project and to buy the album and book Click Here!

Geeta, along with Deepak Chopra and other creators and artists on the project, have been participating in live events that include musical performances, poetry readings and panel discussions, in which they share their family heritage, speak about the artistic process of building the project, and discuss a number of important and timely humanitarian issues.


UCLA Researcher and Professor Helen Lavretsky was interviewed by LA Yoga and spoke extensively about the benefits of Sound Healing, citing techniques developed by Geeta. Read more here!

Geeta was so honored once again to be featured in Ira Israel's new Huffington Post article! Ira creates a beautiful narrative about what he learned from her and their fellow colleagues during their time as the featured artists, performers, and teachers at the Esalen Institute's Benefit Weekend last month. There are very inspiring videos and photos also featured in this article. Read more here.


Geeta has the privilege of working with a variety of students and clients. See what some of them have said about her.

Visit the Testimonials page for more.


Geeta's new album "rebelle" is now available! To purchase a CD contact Geeta directly through the Contact Page here! You can also find "rebelle" on iTunes and Apple Music and other digital music distribution sites.

Geeta Novotny is an award-winning international performing artist who continues to meet acclaim for her performance artistry. She has been reviewed as "undeniably confident and regal", "beautiful", "seductive" and "genuinely enchanting". A much "sought-after talent" - as a classical singer, Geeta has performed in a wide range of principal roles nationally and internationally with esteemed opera companies and symphony orchestras from the hallowed stages of New York City’s Carnegie Hall and The Metropolitan Opera House to the stages of the Los Angeles Opera and the Aspen Music Festival.