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Geeta Novotny is a classically trained opera singer who has created a revolutionary methodology based in science and art which cultivates a fully integrative, multi-sensory and multi-therapeutic experience.        


Geeta’s voice training methodology is founded on her philosophy of "Creating Authentic Voice for Authentic Life." Her teaching is rooted in the depth and strength of the classical technique matched with the holistic and intuitive understanding of singing and each individual's voice. This methodology is built from the foundational elements of breath support which can be applied to any style of singing.

Geeta’s method also includes exploring musical and emotional expression through various singing exercises and song study, ear training and pitch control, and performance techniques- all of which allow one to acquire the skills to express their talent, build self-confidence, achieve their goals, and to master their craft. Many of these tools are woven into the method to cultivate musicianship where healthy singing is at the forefront. Geeta aims to give clients a comprehensive understanding of their voice so that they can empower their own. The ultimate focus is on growth- not perfection, but precision. All practiced in a nurturing and creative environment, clients leave their sessions with a sense of accomplishment and the gift of wellness.

Geeta Novotny's Revolution Voice Method

Geeta believes that the voice is our greatest source of power and healing, and by finding that authentic voice we pave the way for self-discovery. Ultimately, Geeta’s deeper goal is to help each of her clients and participants make tangible what most find intangible- life’s purpose.


“My business provides an experiential way to connect back to our humanity, to go back to basics, to enhance what is inherently ours - to have us reconnect with our creativity, feelings, intuition, and community. To promote our self-mastery to spark transformation and renaissance. And to allow ourselves to engage in music instead of being a passive recipient. I believe everyone has this gift to give.”
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