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Testimonials cntd.

"Geeta Novotny is not only a brilliant teacher she is also one of the most brilliant individuals I have ever met. Her intelligence and professionalism shine through in all that she does. I quickly formed a lasting friendship with Geeta while maintaining the business relationship of a student and her teacher. She welcomes you into a positive and professional environment ideal for learning. She begins by assessing the student to better understand their reason for taking lessons, their personal style, way of thinking and learning, and then she creates a relationship built on mutual respect and trust.


Geeta then begins with vocal warm-ups and vocal stretches. Much like all professionals she emphasizes the importance of the breath and connection with the core when singing or making sounds of any kind. Tongue exercises are sometimes used to increase vocal dexterity and to relax the tongue muscles that often cause it to move and block sounds. Without giving away all of her fantastic teaching methods she helps you vocalize by focusing your sound and making sure it is perfectly supported.


Geeta accentuates the importance of staying connected with your mind, breath, core and your body. As she would explain, our bodies, and state of mind affect our sound. In her classes she combines different techniques to maximize total wellness and vocal purity (staying true to your sound). She adapts these techniques depending on the student’s abilities, beliefs and strengths, in order to present a safe, comfortable, and positive learning experience. Geeta blends the pure joy of singing and vocalizing with the technical necessities to produce a successful and often therapeutic outcome.


Speaking of therapeutic implementation, one of Geeta’s many resources is her use of genuine quartz crystal bowls to create a 'sound bath.' The sound bath uses the natural vibrations from the sounds created by the bowls, to realign the body’s natural balance. The sound bath’s healing properties can accentuate a student’s ability to stay better connected to their body and sound; moreover the sound bath can relax an anxious individual allowing them to connect with their mind more clearly.


Overall, my recommendation for studying with Geeta Novotny is indisputable. Her knowledge, experience, and congeniality make her the ideal teacher and coach. Not only is she well rounded academically being a graduate of Carnegie Mellon among other accolades, but also she has world performance experience of the highest caliber. Whether you are already a professional or you are just beginning, her individual studies of sound therapies, alternative medicines, her experience, her training, and genuine desire to positively shape the lives around her, unquestionably make her the perfect teacher and coach."


- Diana T.



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