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THE ART OF IMPERMANENCE: Finding Harmony Around End of Life

COMING SOON! Stay tuned for upcoming dates.

The Art of Impermanence is a workshop designed to guide, protect & comfort you as you explore your own relationship with mortality and impermanence. Whether you have a pure curiosity, a personal illness, are caregiving a loved one, or are grieving a loss, we will gently confront our fears and wonder at the final journey we all must take. Through a process involving open dialogue, visual art, and healing sound, we will lead you towards deeper meaning and new perspective around we can live in balance with life and death.

Erin Reeve, Geeta Novotny, and Shiela Darcey have joined forces to provide space for this very important topic. The presenters are each leaders in their own fields of art, music, and medicine, and they work deeply with clients around grief and loss. Through sharing their talents, teachings and stories, they will help you uncover subconscious fears around dying and express emotions which may be impacting your daily life choice. Regardless of your religion of belief system, being at peace with our impermanence can help you live today with more awareness and presence. For more information and a detailed breakdown of the workshop, please visit


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