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May 23, 2024 Benki and Family

7:00 pm PDT

Doors Open: 6:30

Come Join us for the performance of:

Geeta Novotny and The Tone Council

🎤Thursday, May 23, 2024 @ 7pm

🎤The Hotel Cafe (Main Stage) @thehotelcafe

🔥 “Join Sound Healing Artist Geeta Novotny and immerse yourself in a vibrant and dynamic sound bath with a diverse collective of guest musicians, and transcend with us into a world of ambient tones to open your consciousness.” 🔥

We are honored to perform on this evening’s program of incredible artist!



✨Benki Piyãko:

“A leader of the Ashaninka People and the founder of the Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute in Acre, Brazil, Benki will speak and share his thoughts on the state of affairs in Amazonia and how we can all help create a better world, together!”

✨Raine Piyãnko & Rose’ne Puyanawa:

“Raine Piyãko & Rose’ne Puyanawa represent the union of the Ashaninka & Puyanawa tribes from Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. Recently married and merging their music that they have cultivated with their tribes, together they create a musical experience that is unique and all its own!”

✨Chloe Fuller

“An emerging Singer-Songwriter in the Los Angeles music scene, Chloe Fuller is creating a live experience that you do not want to miss!”

⚡️Please visit The Hotel Cafe page or website for details and tickets! @thehotelcafe

📸 Photo by @shadowtime


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