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Ladies Road Map Podcast

On a Friday a few weeks ago at her Revolution Voice Studio in Los Angeles, Geeta found herself not the teacher, guide, or wellness practitioner that day, but the subject of the newest episode of LADIES ROAD MAP, a podcast born out of the beautiful alignment, open minded curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit, and desire of two amazing women: Jojami Tyler and Lana Helda. The podcast has featured some truly inspirational guests, and was also recently featured in Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper! Geeta was thrilled to be invited onto this episode!

On the podcast, Geeta, Jojami and Lana discussed everything from the science and art behind the deep healing effects of sound and the modalities of Eastern and Western medicine, to the spirituality of life and death, and how Geeta pivoted from a passion-driven career as an award-winning international opera singer to a purpose-driven career in discovering the extraordinary healing powers of the voice and sound. The Episode also features a taste of Geeta's Vocal Immersion Sound Bath live!

The episode is currently live and will continue to be available for free download on both iTunes, and Apple and Android podcast apps. You can also listen right here!


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