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Geeta's Rucksack Performance Receives Rave Reviews

On June 25th, 2019, Geeta participated in a performance of the musical monodrama "Rucksack" conducted by composer and Geeta's dear friend Russell Steinberg along with the Brightwork Newmusic Chamber Sextet as part of their launch concert as a nonprofit at Monk Space. Russell Steinberg's stunning contemporary composition draws on Julie Heyman's autobiography "From Rucksack to Backpack", detailing her harrowing escape from the Nazis, her subsequent joy beholding the Statue of Liberty when she and her family immigrated to the USA, and then her somewhat comical run-in just a year later with American police when she was arrested while hiking in the Pocono mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Noted publication San Francisco Classical Voice wrote, "As conducted by the composer and sung and spoken, with occasional vehemence, by Novotny, Rucksack resonated in several ways." Click Here to Read the Full Review!


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