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Geeta Appears On The JoeLo Show

Have you noticed how many social media posts you see of people singing during this unprecedented time?! Music is the heart and soul of our humanity and what bonds us as a collective. Geeta's method for Revolution Voice is built on her philosophy that the voice and sound are our greatest sources of therapeutic healing, a philosophy that is more needed now than ever before... When Lauren and Joseph Sheehey were in LA last at the beginning of March, Lauren experienced a 6-hour session with Geeta which included a voice session and a sound therapy session. In the episode, "Empowering Your Voice, Healing Through Sound, and Transcending to New Volumes," Lauren reflects deeply on this life-changing experience and Joe talks about how much her awakening during the sound therapy session has beautifully shifted their relationship.

Check out the podcast notes, and listen to the episode on the Apple Podcast app, or on Spotify!


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