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Geeta appears in the 2016 Summer Issue of The SpaRitualist

Geeta was honored to be featured in the 2016 Summer Issue of The SpaRitualist Newsletter. Here is the excerpt:

“As a profound believer in the power of holistic mind/body health and wellness, Geeta uses the human voice as a source of healing. Geeta’s Vocal Immersion Sound Bath will take you on an intensely imitate journey through healing sound. Geeta has created a theory and practice of harnessing the power of the human singing voice and the Quartz Crystal singing Bowls to promote wellness and empowerment from the inside out. The voice and pure sound are indispensable conduits for full body recalibration. The symphony of elements produce overtones that have resonant and healing properties that release stressful energy and provide balance and serenity for the mind, heart body and soul.”

To see more from the SpaRitualist, visit the website here!


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