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Retreat with Grace

Join us for 2 nights & 3 days in a luxury estate in Palm Desert. We will dive into 2 yoga workshops.

  • Foundations of Yoga. The primary asanas, pranayama & philosophy you will encounter in a yoga class, we will dissect so you can practice at a deeper level. 

  • Inversion Workshop: We will dive into the parts that need to be strong and open in the most common inversions and understand the proper technique/alignment to invert safety. 

  • There will be 2 additional classes: 

  • An opening practice and a Yin class accompanied with Geeta Novotny’s healing soundbath.

The weekend will be catered with delicious healthy meals to nourish your soul and you can lounge by the beach walk in infinity pool or explore the 5 acre property with a putting green. 

Take this time to invest in yourself. 

Enjoy your life! 🙏💜


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